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Simon Johnson is a senior business and charity leader, best known for being the Chair of the Rugby Football League and the former CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council.

Born and raised in Prestwich, Manchester, Simon the studied in King’s College London and specialised to become and entertainment and media lawyer working for a range of firms before settling to work for ITV as their Director of Rights & Business Affairs.

His lifelong passion for sports showed throughout as he worked on numerous football competitions and events, then moving to work for the FA as their Chief Operation Officer of England 2018, part of England’s 2018 FIFA World Cup bid!

From October 2013, Simon was also appointed as the CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council, an incredible organisation and of whom we have of course had many trustees earlier as guests on JLGB Virtual already, including their chair Jonathan Goldstein.

Last summer, Simon was appointed the Chair of The Rugby Football League and has spoken about his desire for the sport to be better known outside of its traditional Mancunian heartland.

We are so privileged that he has found the time to speak to us despite his busy schedule, so without further ado. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight’s very special guest, Simon Johnson!


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