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Youth Social Action: JLGB Celebrates 10 Years of the #Will Campaign

In the heart of every young person lies the potential to make a difference. Ten years ago, JLGB embraced this belief wholeheartedly as they embarked on an inspiring journey with Step Up To Serve and its #iwill campaign. It was a journey that began with a vision of empowerment and has since transformed the lives of countless young people.

From the onset, JLGB stood at the forefront of the #iwill campaign, championing the cause of inclusive youth social action. Dame Julia Cleverdon and Amanda Jordan, co-founders of the campaign, saw in JLGB and its work in the Jewish community a partner that was already bringing this vision to life. 

With leaders like JLGB President Lord Levy and The Chief Rabbi on the then Prince Charle’s #iwill Advisory committee, and JLGB CEO Neil Martin OBE working alongside the then #iwill CEO Charlotte Hill, both organisations have blazed a trail for youth empowerment for now over a decade. "Our commitment at JLGB to youth social action has never been stronger," remarked Martin.


The Former Prince of Wales Patron of JLGB,
Youth United and #iWill visiting Yavneh College to see
Jewish youth social action.


2019 marked a significant milestone for JLGB in achieving its #iwill commitment pledge – a grand celebration of youth volunteering at the Roundhouse, headlined by R&B superstar Craig David. This event was not just a celebration but a powerful demonstration of the impact of young Jewish volunteers. "Seeing over a thousand young people receive awards was a moment of immense pride," shares a volunteer leader Adam Shelley in an article from the Jewish press.

Faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and unable to deliver face-to-face youth social action, everyone at JLGB demonstrated remarkable resilience. Their transition to a virtual platform,, was a testament to their adaptability and commitment. “JLGB virtual was a lifeline for many during the pandemic," says Ella, a young participant, highlighting the importance of staying connected.

The eVOLve volunteering and skills platform, enhanced by #iwill match funding, marked a new chapter in JLGB's story too. It represents a leap forward in supporting young volunteers, tracking their progress, and celebrating their achievements. “This digital platform is a game-changer,” observed Josh Samuel, eVOLve coordinator, underscoring its impact.

Looking forward, JLGB is not slowing down as it continues its commitment to #iwill and youth social action. Plans for localised projects, multi-faith social action initiatives, and the revival of charity volunteering fairs are just a glimpse into a future rich with possibility. 

As the #iwill campaign evolves into the #will movement to mark its 10th anniversary, JLGB will be there and is ready, unwavering in its dedication to removing barriers and empowering all young volunteers. “This is at the heart of our mission at JLGB, and we are excited to enter this new era with renewed commitment," Martin adds.

JLGB's journey with the #iwill campaign is more than a story of a decade; it’s a narrative of transformation, resilience, and hope. As both organisations continue to inspire and empower the next generation, their collective impact resonates far beyond the Jewish community, touching the lives of young people across the nation - “we are so proud to be a part of it!” Martin proudly exclaims.

If you want to be a part of this ongoing story of change and empowerment, visit   Our Evolve Page

Discover how you can contribute to a brighter future for young volunteers and their communities.


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