Thu 11 Feb 2021 20:00

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Born in North Kensington in 1971 to a British Jamaican family, Shaun earned a degree in computer-aided engineering from London South Bank University. Shaun worked for over 20 years a youth worker, run a charity and was as a researcher for the Centre for Policy Studies where he wrote several articles in the British press. 


Joining the Conservatives, he served as Prime Minister David Cameron's special adviser on youth and crime from 2010 to 2013.  In May 2016 he was elected as a member of the London Assembly, and in 2018 he was selected as the Conservative candidate in the London Mayor Elections, which were originally scheduled for May 2020, but postponed until May 2021, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 


JLGB is of course a non-political charity, but we wanted to give young people the chance to put questions to candidates in the upcoming London Mayoral electionsincluding Mayor Sadiq Kahn who will join us in just a few weeks.  


But today, and to hear all about his aspirations for London, we are grateful that Shaun has found the time to speak to us this afternoon, so without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight’s special guest…Shaun Bailey!!! 

For over 125 years, young Jewish people have been discovering just how brilliant they can be and how they can make the world a better place through JLGB. Whether you're 8 or 18, whatever you want to be, join in and be your best self with us! 

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