Thu 25 Jun 2020 18:00

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Tonight’s guest, Rachel Anticoni, is the Chief Operating Officer of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, the largest such NHS Trust in London.

Rachel qualified as a nurse in 1990 before spending a considerable amount of time working in African countries affected by war, including Sudan and Rwanda. Since returning from her inspirational time abroad, working with refugees and damaged communities, she has pursued a career in operational management in the NHS, charity and private sector.

In 2008 she joined the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust as a Programme Director and oversaw the acquisition of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, which made the Trust one of the largest NHS Trusts in the country with over 10000 staff, providing service for about a million patients.

She was promoted to C.O.O. of the Royal Free in 2017, and has also founded the Royal Free London Women’s Network.  If that wasn’t enough, Rachel is also a trustee of Jewish Care, and has been the chair of the charity’s clinical governance committee since June 2015.

But there is one more important thing about our guest tonight, that makes me especially proud - she is now the third relative I have had the privilege to interview on JLGB Virtual, following in the footsteps of TV Executive Daniele Lux, and Rachel’s own brother and CEO of World Jewish Relief, Paul Anticoni.

Taking time out of her busy schedule, I am honoured to be able to interview her tonight.

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome tonight’s very special guest, Rachel Anticoni!


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