Tue 18 Aug 2020 18:00

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Richard Herring is an English stand-up comedian and writer, originally famous for being part of the double act ‘Lee and Herring’, and of course today for his brilliant podcast, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast.

Originally born in Yorkshire, Richard grew up in Cheddar, Somerset as the youngest child of two teachers. In fact, while attending school, his father was his headmaster. It was during this time that Richard started writing comedy and he carried this on throughout his years at St Catherine’s College, at Oxford University, where he performed in the famous Oxford Revue.

It was there that Richard first met Stewart Lee, with whom he would form a double act, as they started working on a range of television, radio and stage shows, with their big break coming with ‘Fist of Fun’ and then ‘This Morning with Richard NOT Judy’.

After setting out on his own, script writing for shows like Al Murray’s ‘Time Gentlemen Please’, Richard has continued his rise to become The British Theatre Guide’s “Leading hidden masters of modern British comedy”. He continues his stand-up, sketch and Edinburgh Fringe shows, and of course his award-winning Leicester Square Theatre Podcast.

An incredibly busy man, he’s raising two young children alongside his wife, writer and comedian Catie Wilkins, as well being a Patron of Scope, and campaigner for International Women’s Day… and he has also just been announced as starring in the next series of TaskMaster out in October! We are so grateful and so excited that he is able to join us this evening. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome tonight’s very special guest, Richard Herring!


For over 125 years, young Jewish people have been discovering just how brilliant they can be and how they can make the world a better place through JLGB. Whether you're 8 or 18, whatever you want to be, join in and be your best self with us! 

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