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Age: 34

Occupation: Civil Servant

What does ‘doing your bit’ mean to you?

For me it’s about time and commitment. I give my time to support all JLGB’s activities and to give young people the activities and opportunities they deserve – and I’m committed to being there for my friends and fellow leaders when they need me. I’m just one part of an amazing group of leaders who work tirelessly to provide excellent and positive activities for Jewish youth. ‘Doing my bit’ means repaying the time and effort put into my own development by so many other great leaders over the years.

What have you gained from JLGB?

Primarily, I’ve gained a different perspective by mixing with different types of people of all ages from all over the UK – and all over the world. Then there’s the leadership and management skills I’ve gained. There’s no doubt I wouldn’t have my career without the opportunities JLGB have given me. And, as a huge bonus, I’ve met my closest friends in the world.

Why should others volunteer?

I would say three main reasons – amongst dozens of others:To give young people opportunities to learn, to lead, and to develop into the very best they can be; To benefit the Jewish community – and wider society – by creating future leaders; To learn new skills and gain experience that will help you become successful in your own life.


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For over 125 years, young Jewish people have been discovering just how brilliant they can be and how they can make the world a better place through JLGB. Whether you're 8 or 18, whatever you want to be, join in and be your best self with us! 

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