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Age: 38

Occupation: Procurement Manager


What does ‘doing your bit’ mean to you?

For me personally, ‘doing my bit’ means teaching children to love music at our local JLGB band every week. It’s teaching the young people new skills and watching them grow in belief and self-confidence. It can be encouraging them to learn a new piece of music or a new instrument. Its giving them the confidence to perform in front of, sometimes, thousands of people. And it’s supporting them when they to take part in special occasions like the AJEX Remembrance service, or performing at community events and celebrations.

What have you gained from JLGB?

My dad actually credits everything I have done I’m my career to what I’ve learnt in JLGB: all my leadership skills and self belief. So I get such a great feeling of giving something back to the organisation that has given so much to me.

Why should others volunteer?

Because we have a duty to positively shape the future, we have to ensure that the Jewish population continue to give to their community and our country, to help train and inspire the future generations. If we don’t take that responsibility, who else is going to?


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