JLGB Complaints Procedure

The JLGB recognises its responsibility to deal fairly, constructively and consistently with expressions of concern or dissatisfaction from members, leaders and parents.

Basic Principles Of The Complaints Procedure

1. Complaints should be dealt with locally where possible.

2. Complaints relating to weekly groups should first be reported to your local JLGB leader and if necessary taken to Regional Level. Any complaint relating to a JLGB Camp or Event should first be reported to the Camp/Event Administrator or the managing member of staff.

3. Whenever possible, Leaders should first endeavour to resolve a complaint informally and in discussion with the complainant. For the sake of clarity all formal complaints should be made in writing.

4. Complaints received should be acknowledged in writing (which may be by email) within seven days.

5. Complaints should, ideally, be resolved within four weeks.

6. Any extension of the time beyond four weeks, and the reasons for it, should be communicated to the complainant.

7. JLGB Leaders and employees should not deal with complaints in which they are personally involved, or where they may be considered by either themselves or others to have insufficient independence. In these cases advice must be sought from the next level of JLGB to ensure impartiality

The Key Elements Of The Procedure Are That:

 PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, it may be appropriate to bypass this process and go to someone further up the line. In such cases, it would be acceptable to approach the Chief Executive or Chief Staff Officer for guidance, providing other attempts have been made to resolve the issue.

Complaints involving child protection matters must be dealt with in accordance with the set down procedures as per the JLGB Policy Document.

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