Mentoring & Work Experience

The needs of every young Jewish person who passes through our doors extend way beyond the JLGB.

The world of work can be daunting to a 22-year old fresh out of university and any help they can get will be invaluable. How can you help and give a little back to an organisation that gave you the skills to succeed?

  • Would you like to offer to mentor one of our future university graduates, offering advice on your industry, work-life issues, career options and leadership?
  • Are you in a position to offer work experience or an internship to an A-Level student, college or university graduate?
  • If you are advertising jobs in your business, could you contact us to find a suitable applicant from within the JLGB?

Work experience and mentoring allows young people to enhance their employability, improve their skills and bolster their chances of finding a career they are passionate about. It allows them to meet people of influence and experience, and your guidance and insight can have a real, lasting and positive effect on their lives.

For more information and to talk to us about mentoring and work experience opportunities, please email or call the office on 020 8989 8990.

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