Parents, Why NCS?

On NCS, your teenager will develop the skills that employers increasingly value: confidence, leadership and independence – the lessons your teen can’t learn in class.

NCS is a great addition to your teenager’s CV and personal statement. In fact, almost three quarters of NCS graduates feel more confident about getting a job after doing NCS. All NCS graduates receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister and UCAS recommends students put NCS in their personal statement.

How Much?

Thanks to Government funding, this incredible programme costs just £50! This price includes all activities, accommodation, food and transport. In addition, we are currently operating a promotional offer of just £35 for a limited time only use the code YES2NCS on the online application form.


Adventure week will take place in Outdoors Adventure Centre, Essex

Skills week at a residential site in London.

Social Action week, this is a non residential week and participants will choose within their groups where to meet each day.

Health & Welfare

In order for the NCS programme to run safely, the JLGB has undertaken all risk assessments for the activities that the participants will be taking part in. All on-site staff have been risk assessed and the site instructors are all qualified in the area they instruct. All out volunteers and staff have had the necessary checks and training, including how to work with and support young people, DBS checks (previously CRB), safeguarding and first aid.



NCS in your school

We believe NCS is something that every year 11 and year 12 student should have the chance to do. That’s why we’re keen to visit schools and colleges to help more young people sign up for this life-changing experience.

How we work with schools

We know that schools and collees want the best for their Students. National Citizens Service (NCS) is a youth development programme available to 16-17 year oldsthat opens up a world of opportunities and makes a real difference to young peoples lives. NCS is is supported by head teachers across the country and is promoted in over 80% of schools.

NCS is a great addition to any out of school activities that your school or college may already organise. We are able to offer the following range of activities tailored to suit your needs:

NCS visits

We can offer guided assemblies led by NCS provider staff for year 11 and year 12 students, as well as NCS-led tutorials and information stands at careers and freshers’ fairs. We also offer an NCS presence at parents’ evenings.

Sharing information

NCS can provide awareness-raising emails for parents, as well as content for school newsletters, and presentations from NCS grads who can talk about their experiences on the programme.

The benefits of NCS to your school’s students

  • It demonstrates your commitment to improving the personal and social development skills of your students equipping young people with practical skills for work and life.
  • NCS contributes to your wider enrichment offering for students.
  • It encourages your students to think about their future – NCS is recognised by employers for building the skills they value and helps young people stand out from the rest.
  • UCAS recommends that students include NCS in their personal statement