JLGB Camps & Events Terms & Conditions

By completing this online application either as an adult (aged 18+), or on behalf of the named child, you agree to the following terms and conditions of the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade (JLGB):


Attendance at a JLGB camp or event is subject to payment in full being received at JLGB Headquarters before the start of the camp or event, unless otherwise agreed by JLGB Headquarters. In order to qualify for any introductory or special rate offered at the time of your application, payment must be received within 10 working days, otherwise you may be liable for the prevailing rate. In addition, an administration fee or extra costs may be incurred for late applications or any changes to the standard arrangements. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments.

JLGB is keen for as many members and leaders to attend camps and events as is possible. If there are therefore any difficulties with regards to payment please contact Estele Miller at JLGB Headquarters. All applications for financial assistance will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.


Where transport is being provided by JLGB, this will be from central pickup points where appropriate. Any members or leaders wishing to make their own way to camp or event must have this confirmed by the Camp Adjutant and/or JLGB Headquarters staff. No discounts to the price of camps or events will be given, nor will any additional cost be covered by JLGB for those not using the provided transport.

Travel costs from outside Great Britain are not included in the cost of JLGB camps or events, and transport must be organised by the overseas community group representative. On arrival at a local airport - agreed in advance by JLGB - group transport may be provided by JLGB.

Where transport is not provided, any transport costs should be covered by the person wishing to attend the camp or event.


Any member or leader who cancels their application will be entitled to a refund in accordance with the following:

More than 62 days prior to camp / event: 100% of monies paid less admin fee;
From 62 to 31 days prior to camp / event: 100% of monies paid less deposit and admin fee;
From 15 to 31 days prior to camp / event: 50% of monies paid less deposit and admin fee;
From 1 to 14 days prior to camp / event: no monies refunded.
NB: Costs to cover travel already booked may also be deducted from the money refunded.

The JLGB accepts no liability whatsoever for the cancellation or curtailment of a JLGB camp or event as a result of withdrawal of services by a supplier, extreme weather, infectious disease or any factor out of JLGB’s control. Therefore the JLGB recommends that every applicant has adequate insurance cover for all camps and events. This should include cancellation cover and medical cover. The JLGB reserves the right not to make any refund of any monies paid in such circumstances.

In the event that a participant cancels their application or fails to pay the full cost within the required time limit and therefore is unable to attend camp, any cost incurred, including travel costs, are the responsibility of the applicant and/or parent/guardian.


A limited number of places may be made available at some camps and events for non-members under the age of 16 who meet one of the following criteria:

It is the responsibility of non-members and JLGB members to check carefully their eligibility to attend a JLGB camp or event. It is also their responsibility to complete the online application form honestly and accurately. If it is later found that an applicant does not meet the criteria above, their application will be immediately withdrawn. Costs incurred will be claimed before any refund is given. If the participant is at a camp or at an event, the JLGB reserves the right to require such participant to be sent home at their own expense with no refund.



Males are not allowed in the areas allocated to females or vice versa under any circumstances, except for organised meetings under the supervision of a JLGB Leader. All sleeping and living accommodation should be kept clean and tidy at all times.


The welfare of all those attending a camp or event is extremely important. If there are any problems, no matter how small, there are always leaders available to talk to and they are encouraged to discuss any problem with them in confidence.


Bullying and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated. Any such incidents must be reported immediately. Any participant caught breaking these rules will face severe disciplinary action, and may be excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.

Illegal Substances

Anybody found in possession of an illegal substance will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Where applicable parents/guardians will be informed and those concerned may be excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.


Participants are not allowed to bring or consume any form of alcohol on camp or at a JLGB event. Any participant caught breaking this rule will face severe disciplinary action. Where applicable parents/guardians will be informed and those concerned may be excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.


Only those aged over 18 may smoke and only in a pre-specified or designated area. There will be no smoking in uniform at any time or on Shabbat.

The use of bongs, hookahs, or similar or associated items, for the purpose of smoking flavoured tobacco or other substances, is strictly prohibited. Any participant contravening this rule will be excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.


It is forbidden to bring any form of weapon to a camp or event and any contravention of this rule will result in the participant being excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.

Searching for prohibited Items

Should it be thought necessary to search for prohibited items such as alcohol, drugs, or weapons, the participant is deemed to have given permission for a member of staff to search the personal belongings and luggage of the participant.

If a member of staff is prevented from so doing, then the JLGB is entitled to interpret such refusal as an indication that such prohibited items may be in the possession of or under the control of such participant, in which case the participant may be excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.

Activity and Out of Bounds Areas

For safety reasons, all activity areas and other areas declared as “Out of Bounds” are strictly out of bounds except when accompanied by a suitably qualified leader. Violation could result in the person being excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.

Sanctions and procedure for excluding a participant

All participants at JLGB camps and events are required to comply with all rules and regulations issued. Whilst we try to avoid sanctions where possible, JLGB reserves the right to take reasonable action in cases of disruptive, anti-social or persistent bad behaviour. JLGB reserves the right to exclude any Participant that they consider unsuitable for the the camp or event.

Participants will receive two warnings in relation to their behaviour before exclusion, however JLGB reserves the right to exclude a participant immediately, without any warning, where the problem merits it.

First Warning: This is a verbal warning given to the participant. The participant will have an opportunity, at the earliest convenience, to talk with their leader away from their peers to discuss their behaviour and agree a way forward. Parents may be notified where appropriate.

Second Warning: This is a probation warning; participants will again have the opportunity to discuss their behaviour with their leader and agreements will be made to ensure that the participant can keep their behaviour to an acceptable level. Parents will be notified that if there is a further offence their child will be excluded from the remainder of the camp or event.

Should any Participant be excluded or be sent home due to illness/home sickness, their parents/guardians or alternative contact person will be liable to collect them from the from the campsite within 24 hours. No refund will be given or any expense incurred refunded.

In case of the unlikely event that a participant is sent home, please make sure that the disclosed emergency contact(s) can make suitable arrangements.

Where arrangements cannot be made for the participant JLGB reserves the right to make suitable arrangements at the full cost to the applicant and/or parent/guardian who will be obligated to pay the cost within 7 days of the issue of an invoice setting out the costs incurred.

Please note: Being sent home from a JLGB camp or event for discipline issues may affect a participant’s eligibility to be accepted onto future JLGB camps, events or other DofE activity.

Insurance, Valuables and Money

Unnecessary cash or valuables should not be brought to a camp or event. The JLGB is NOT insured for loss or damage to participants or leaders belongings and will not accept liability for loss or damage to participants or leaders personal possessions; participants and leaders should therefore satisfy themselves that they are adequately insured. Mobile phones should not be taken to camp.

It must be noted that security of personal possessions can never be guaranteed whilst participants are absent from their tents or rooms and any item of value that, for some reason, is considered essential should be handed to the Paymaster or other authorised officer for safe-keeping but the JLGB does not accept responsibility should any cash or valuables suffer loss or damage.

Personal Liability for Damage

Participants or their parent/guardian will have to pay for any damage caused by any action or omission by the participant. If something is damaged, a leader should be notified in order that it can be repaired or replaced.

Participants from Overseas

Any payment made to an intermediary is at the risk of the applicant and is not the responsibility of the JLGB and confirmation of your acceptance and attendance at camp is subject to receipt of payment by JLGB.

Travel from overseas to and from JLGB camps and events are not included in the payment.

In respect of travel to and from overseas and activities before or after camp, although cost of this may be collected by JLGB and the JLGB may assist in such activities, the JLGB is not responsible for the supervision & welfare of the participants who will be under the control of the leaders nominated by their local group.

Lost Property at camps

Any unidentified property found around camp should be handed in to the Orderly Room. Anyone seeking lost property should enquire at the Orderly Room and will be required to provide proof of ownership. It is strongly recommended that all belongings are marked with their name and home and mobile telephone numbers and JLGB Unit. This will ensure prompt return via their Group Leader. Any property not claimed by the end of camp will be returned to the JLGB Headquarters and will be kept for four weeks; anything remaining after this time will be disposed of or donated to charity.

Leaving Camp and Visitors

Participants are not allowed to leave the campsite without permission.

No visitors will be allowed onto camp without the permission of the Camp Commanding Officer or Camp Adjutant.

Fire Regulations

Details of fire and evacuation procedures will be available at each camp as they will differ depending on the camp site.


An EMERGENCY telephone number will be issued. We are not able to immediately locate a member on camp but messages will always be passed on as quickly as possible.

Vehicles on Camp

Those given permission to take their vehicle to camp must observe the speed limit and other regulations at all times.

Use of Image

The JLGB uses media content (including photographs and video footage) of its camps, activities and events to explain and publicise the work that the JLGB does. This is done in order to inform the local and wider community and to raise vital funds which help us to continue providing the services that we offer. Media content may appear in the press (including newspapers, websites) as well as online, on the JLGB’s own website or social networking sites such as Facebook or YouTube. By accepting this agreement we consider permission has been given for such media content to be used.

Terms and Conditions (as varied)

The JLGB reserves the right to amend, alter, substitute or in any other way vary these terms and conditions and the participant is deemed to accept the terms and conditions so adjusted from time to time.


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