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JLGB Israel Tour

JLGB #ISRAEL Tour 2018 – From a land of history and memory, to a place that inspires ideas and innovation.

JLGB #ISRAEL TOUR will take you on a journey through Israel’s ancient past, it’s complex present and then catapult you into an inspirational future. With 120 years of experience in connecting young Jewish people to the Land of Israel, a unique perspective through the eyes of a contemporary Israeli will take you on a journey which will leave young people inspired to explore their personal identity and to discover and achieve their full potential.

è  Begin with an appreciation of the historic land and over 5000 years of struggle and celebration of Jewish peoplehood that continues into the present day.

è  Then explore the social, economic and political issues of contemporary Israeli society through volunteering, social action and encountering other young people who live in Israel.

è  Finally, reveal and expose and insight into the future of Israel through its leading technology and innovation prowess.

The family bond, the friendships and the memories are waiting for you. Are you ready to join us?

Check out our dedicated JLGB #ISRAEL Tour 2018 microsite and APPLY NOW @

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