JLGB offers much more than your local weekly group!

Throughout the year, we arrange fun and exciting outings including ice skating, swimming, BBQs, bowling and Quasar. We often meet up with other JLGB groups from your area to do some VERY cool things!

There are also regional and national activities days where you can participate in loads of different games and sports. We also take part in Mitzvah Day. It’s usually in November and it’s the Jewish community’s day of social action.

Most excitingly, every year you’ll have the chance to go on Junior Spring Camp, a weekend away! Packed full of activities and entertainment, you’ll get to do all sorts of incredible things including climbing and abseiling and lots of cool activities in the evenings! It’s a great opportunity to meet people of your age from groups across the whole of the JLGB family.

We promise you will never be bored. You won’t have time to be!

Find your nearest group by entering your postcode in the Get Involved box in the top right of this page, or for more information, call us on 020 8989 8990 or email getinvolved@jlgb.org today

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