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Chief Rabbi partners with JLGB to launch new Kindness Challenge for primary school children

As part of their new evolve app, JLGB is delighted to announce the launch of the Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge, a digital Social Action Award for children of primary school age. The Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge will be the first step for children starting their volunteering journey on JLGB’s evolve digital volunteering platform.

Primary school children will be able to complete the award through JLGB’s evolve app using a parent or guardian’s mobile phone. Spurred on by a cartoon version of the Chief Rabbi himself, the fun and interactive Challenge encourages participants to perform acts of kindness and then to log a photo or video about each completed good deed. The Kindness Challenge will gather hundreds if not thousands of photos and videos to showcase how young British Jews are giving back to their communities.

To complete the Challenge, participants will need to record 15 good deeds across three social action zones - family, school and community. Good deeds listed on the challenge range from bigger acts in the community, such as taking part in a sponsored walk or entertaining the elderly in a care home to smaller acts, including laying the table at home and even making parents breakfast in bed!

These accessible challenges are fun, safe and educational and most importantly, will inspire primary school children across the community to express their Jewish identity through helping others. By completing the Award, participants will have laid the foundations for a lifetime of acts of being kind and helpful to others.

The Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge strengthens JLGB’s existing work to encourage children aged 8 – 18 to volunteer using the innovative evolve platform. Over 12,000 profiles have already been set up on evolve, with young people working to complete the Junior Citizenship, Yoni Jesner, Duke of Edinburgh’s, OCN, vInspired and National Citizen Service awards as they progress through school.

The new Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge has been designed in consultation with schools, young people and parents to ensure the Award is accessible, achievable, fun and exciting for children of primary school age.

The project was supported from the outset by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in recognition of the important potential of using digital technology to inspire children:

““The Psalms teach us that the world is built upon chessed - kindness. It is the foundation of all life and certainly the foundation of Jewish communal life. My hope is that the Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge will provide a wonderful platform to teach our children, from the youngest possible age, that there is nothing quite as rewarding in life as giving to others.”

For children who complete the Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge, the hope is that the Award will be start of a lifetime of volunteering and social action. JLGB are piloting the Challenge for one year before launching the Award across all Jewish primary schools. The

vision for the Challenge stretches even beyond the Community. Any child can complete the Award and, Neil Martin OBE, Chief Executive of JLGB hopes the Award will serve as an example for partners in other communities and schools:

“Many Jewish schools are already lined up to pilot the new Chief Rabbi’s award and after we officially launch next week, we hope to bring on board many more. Our ultimate aim is to share this approach with leaders from other faith communities. We want to show that volunteering can start at an early age and is an amazing activity for children and parents to do together. If your school would like to take part please get in touch with JLGB”.

The launch of the Chief Rabbi’s Kindness Challenge will be announced by the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis himself at JLGB’s celebration of youth volunteering on 18th September.


This landmark event is generously supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group and will be headlined by multi-platinum recording artist Craig David. For more details see www.jlgb.org/evolve

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