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 Help at This Year's Yom HaShoah Commemoration

An audience of over 1,000 will gather together at The Dell in Hyde Park on Sunday 5th May, to pay homage to the 6 million Jewish lives that were extinguished in the Holocaust and boldly declare in front of survivors that we will always remember. Once again, JLGB are at the forefront of the event; our volunteers will be stewarding the event to ensure the smooth running of Yom HaShoah 2019.

As the years pass and survivors grow fewer in number, it has never been more important to commemorate those who perished, to recall the atrocities that occurred and ensure they are never repeated. This mantle falls to us, our parent's and grandparent's children. For these reasons, volunteering positions focus on Holocaust education, checking tickets, distributing flyers and greeting VIP guests and escorting them to their seats. It is the committee’s belief that volunteering is an active way to engage with the next generation and encourage them to join the bid of “never forget”.

As a proud partner of Yom HaShoah, JLGB have been working alongside their team to ensure the event is a success and seeking over 60 volunteers of any age to assist at this high profile event. The purpose is to instill in the next generation the value of Holocaust education through active contribution and meeting survivors and refugees, thus ensuring the flame of remembrance is never extinguished. We are looking for volunteers from 8am on the 5th May, with slots throughout the day. To sign up to help out and for more information please email hello@jlgb.org and remember that volunteering can contribute to your hours on eVOLve

Already, over half of the tickets for the commemoration have been reserved and the number rises daily. Tickets are free and open to all ages. To attend the event and join the thousands of people pledging to "never forget" reserve your tickets here. The ceremony commences at 11:30am and will include VIP guest speakers, including survivors and refugees. Yom HaShoah unites people of all ages and backgrounds and invites them all to embrace our heritage and honour the lives of those who died in the name of their faith.  

Please forward the event details to your family, friends and those in your community who may be interested in joining this essential commemoration. For more information visit www.yomhashoah.org.uk    

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