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hannah and josh

JLGB Youth United and #iwill Youth Ambassadors Announced

We are delighted that two of our young leaders, Josh Collins and Hannah Marcovitch, have been chosen respectively as JLGB's #iwill campaign Ambassador and as JLGB’s representative on the Youth United Youth Panel for the year.

The Youth United Panel aims to give young adults a voice on the future of uniformed youth services. The panel also enables young adults with experience of uniformed groups to work together with those from other groups and provide their views to decision-makers at the national level.

#iwill is represented by 250 inspirational young ambassadors, 50 from each year of the campaign so far. They are 10-20 year-olds who are leading fantastic social action in their communities. They come from a variety of backgrounds across the UK but all have one thing in common – a passion that drives them to find time to help others. From mentoring their peers online to coordinating a charity fundraiser or enhancing their local area, every one of these #iwill ambassadors is making a difference.

Hannah and Josh were selected because they demonstrate a strong commitment to social action and youth services, and have inspirational stories to tell. Not only are they giving a great deal, but they are also building their character and skills in the process.

Speaking about his passion for JLGB and social action Josh said:

“I have been a member of JLGB since 2013 and volunteer weekly with my local group, planning and executing sessions and teaching others how to run meaningful programmes. I ensure the young people I work with have their voices heard, representing their wishes and feelings and being a link between staff and the younger members. I love seeing the positive difference I make to other people’s lives

I have recently been elected this year’s Sergeant Mess President, meaning I am now the most senior young leader and a prominent figurehead within the organisation. I am proud to be a role model to my peers. I have also volunteered with the Jewish charity GIFT helping to pack food, clothes and toys for people in need across the country. This sparked my passion for taking part in social action and I was awarded a vinspired v50 award. Underpinning all my social action is my faith and heritage. I have taken many opportunities to explore my roots, including a trip to Poland to visit the poignant Holocaust memorial sites. I speak to young people at religious Holocaust memorial services, encouraging them to explore their identities and passing on the legacies of my ancestors”.

JLGB is committed to its #iwill campaign pledge to engage 15,000 young people in social action and Josh will have a central role in engaging his peers.

Speaking about why she wanted to represent JLGB on the Youth United Panel, Hannah said:

“Being a member of JLGB has truly changed my life. The change that I and others have seen from the shy, withdrawn 8 year old girl that originally joined to the confident young leader I am today has been monumental. Being a Jewish teenager is not without its challenges, and, watching my friends of all faiths and none take part in typical everyday youth activities that I couldn’t because of my faith sometimes left me feeling isolated. JLGB removed these barriers, allowing me to take part in weekly activities where to learned to play the saxophone, complete my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in a faith-friendly environment, as well as helping me to find countless volunteering opportunities so that I could give back to my local community.

Throughout very difficult personal and family circumstances, JLGB has been the constant - I knew that every week I could come along to JLGB as a safe space, and escape to become a different person for an evening. More than that, over the years JLGB has helped me to become that very person, instilling in me a strong sense of identity, both as a British citizen and a member of the Jewish community. JLGB has enabled me to build confidence and lifelong skills, not only by engaging me in positive activities but by inspiring me to lead the next generation and watch them thrive. By being part of the Panel, I hope to effect real change by reaching out to a variety of communities and social backgrounds, paying it forward and giving more young people the opportunities I have been lucky enough to have experienced.”

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