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Exactly What the World Needs Right Now!

 their social action projects at JLGB’s NCS Graduation

In a world of so much division, hatred, conflict and bad press, 65 young ambassadors from different faith and cultural backgrounds have been hailed as the antidote to create a brighter future for us all. Last Thursday in front of 300 people, young graduates of JLGB’s Interfaith National Citizen Service (NCS) programme received signed certificates from Theresa May and showcased five social action projects, each designed to tackle a common societal issue to make the world a better place. 

The three week programme unites young people of different faiths and backgrounds through adventure activities, social cohesion sessions and the development of a chosen skill. The young people were split into teams based on their chosen skill including photography, film making, digital marketing, catering and sports & fitness.

During the programme the interfaith group visited a number of charities and businesses to inspire them to create their own innovative concepts to bring awareness to a variety of charities and causes they are passionate about. Participants took their ideas to a tough panel of judges in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch, bidding for up to £500 to support their projects. Having successfully secured funding, the teenagers ideas came to life. Projects included fundraising to raise awareness surrounding loneliness for the elderly and litter in London as well as food for low income families, inclusion in sport and male abuse.

Each of the five teams spent the first week bonding through adventure activity, the second week learning a new skill and the third week delivering their social action project, which were:

Landmarks, Photography Team – certificates presented by Nicky Goldman, Director of Lead and soon-to-be Director of JVN

The aim of the Landmarks Photography exhibition named LitterallyWasted was to show the impact of litter on the streets of London through the medium of photography.

USB, Digital Team – certificates presented by Mustafa Field MBE, Director of Faith Forums for London

USB have been tackling the problem of loneliness in the elderly community through their campaign TeachGrannyTech.

The Red Carpet Club, Film Team – certificates presented by Marsha Gladstone, Chair of Yoni Jesner Foundation

It’s been all lights, camera and action for The Red Carpet Club, they've created a film to challenge the stigma associated with men’s mental health.

Sportacus, Sports and Fitness Team – certificates presented by Adam Shelley, JLGB Trustee

Team Sportacus set out to create a campaign to display how people with disabilities can be included in sports.

Stir Fried Rice, Catering Team - certificates presented by Naim Moukarzel, Director of Impact at the NCS Trust

Stir Fried Rice created a cookbook filled with kosher, halal, dairy free and vegan recipes, and had a stall at Borough Market where they sold home-made kosher food to raise money for GIFT.

Several additional awards were awarded during the evening including Most Impactful Social Action Project, which was presented to the Catering Team, Stir Fried Rice.

Joining the event was the soon-to-be new chair of the NCS Trust, Brett Wigdortz OBE, who said of JLGB’s NCS programme:

“The evening was awesome and it was incredible to see what these young people have achieved. All young people deserve an outstanding education, both inside and outside the classroom and what I’ve seen tonight shows just what a great experience NCS is. JLGB’s unique concept of faith based NCS is so powerful and something I found really meaningful. Working together, supporting each other and challenging each other without any fear of judgement is exactly what the world needs right now. The world needs you and people like you to make this world a better place.”

The evening was hosted by two of the Graduates, Colin Maxwell of Kantor King Solomon High School and Eliana Levy of Hasmonean High School for Girls’, who said of the evening:

“Meeting new people and making friends can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially since many of us arrived not knowing anyone on the first day. However, we discovered that with the support of our fantastic team leaders and lots of hardworking volunteers we were able to take on these challenges. Many of us found new confidences we didn’t know we had - something which comes in very handy when you are dangling by a rope 100 feet off the ground! We learnt new skills and through visiting fascinating businesses and charities so by the end of our 2 week residential, we came back ready to take on our social action week and really make a difference.  Being part of JLGB’s NCS programme has been an exciting, challenging and fun experience for all of us, and something that we pledge to carry forward into the future and we highly recommend for everyone to take part next summer.”

JLGB’s Summer 2019 programme was also launched and thanks to Government funding, it costs only £50 for the entire three week programme!

All young people in school years 11 and 12 are eligible to take part in JLGB’s unique and award winning kosher provision of NCS.

Find more information and apply online at www.jlgb.org/NCS or email ncs@jlgb.org

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