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Parents, have you heard of NCS? Just £35 for 3 weeks!

6 - 24 August

Apply now: www.jlgb.org/NCS

Give your child a three-week life changing summer experience for just £35*! From the same people that brought you Kosher DofE, vinspired and the Yoni Jesner Award – JLGB’s faith sensitive National Citizen Service programme is an experience of a lifetime for young people in school Year 11 or Year 12.

This government-backed programme helps young people build skills for work, life and the transition into adulthood. It invites young people to be the best they can, whatever their background and ambition.

NCS is proven to have a massive impact on young people’s lives. 67% of UK business leaders say younger employees lack necessary skills such as time management and teamwork.

NCS is a chance for your child to develop the skills that employers are looking for – confidence, leadership and communication. The best summer gift you can give your child is the key to their future – over three quarters of NCS graduates feel more confident about getting a job after completing NCS.

On their NCS adventure, your child will:

     1) Develop their confidence, challenge themselves and make amazing new friends

“Although I am scared of heights I thought that it would be a good chance to challenge myself. By doing loads of adventure activities I pushed myself to take part and found out I quite enjoyed myself.”  – Liora NCS 2016 graduate

     2)   Learn new skills from industry experts and expand their CV and UCAS form

"NCS has been an experience I can look back on for years to come. It has helped me learn skills I didn't know I could do" – Jade NCS 2016 graduate

     3)      Create and deliver their own social action project and change the world around them

During the programme we have been trained how to coach sports, done lots of team bonding and learnt about social action. We are doing a 70km run to raise money for Sports4Life which helps young disadvantaged kids, it helps them to get jobs and teaches them social skills” - Alis NCS 2016 graduate

When asked what you would say to someone considering the programme, Tim said:

“I would say definitely do it. Don't hold back. Throw yourself in. The skills you learn, the people you meet, those are friends for life. I'm still in touch with mine. That is the beginning of networking.”

Thanks to government funding this £2,000 programme only costs £35 – that’s including all food, travel and accommodation.

With only 25 places left, make sure you apply now at www.jlgb.org/NCS, or call our NCS team on 020 3857 5905 for more information.

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