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A ‘Maze’ Extravaganza to end the Year at JLGB Winter Camp

This year’s ‘The Maze’ themed Winter Camp was JLGB’s biggest camp yet, with over 200 young people bringing in the New Year with unforgettable productions and amazing activities. It was undoubtedly the perfect way to bid farewell to 2017, creating memories with new found friendships and one huge JLGB family.

Winter Camp brought together young people from all across the UK, including Greater London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow. With each day bringing a new element of The Maze, it was a jam-packed and adventure-fuelled week. Young people took part in TV show themed entertainment each night, such as Countdown and The Crystal Maze, and movie extravaganzas such as Finding Nemo, where cinema came to life with interactive elements and acting on stage!

Isaak, JLGB member from Leeds got in touch to say “Thank you everyone at JLGB for making my time at Winter Camp the best one possible. Loved everyone and can't wait for JLGB Israel Tour ‘18”.

Many parents were overjoyed with the experience their children had on Winter Camp. Serena said “Thank you everyone who helped to organise and run this year’s Winter Camp, Charlotte hasn’t stopped talking about the fun she had!”. With many more looking forward to sending their children on our Summer Camp this year, Marcia said “A big thank you to all. My kids had a great time and enjoyed camp so much. They are looking forward to Summer Camp!”.

This camp, like many before, placed emphasis on young people and their place within the community. Sessions on mental health and leadership helped promote dialogue; from the youngest to the oldest on camp, every person was able to explore themes relevant to the health of young people and communities.

Crucial to the running of camp are our young leaders who plan and run activities and events. A young leader, Jake from Liverpool said Being an 18 year old leader means the role and responsibilities I have on camp add excitement to the activities I take part in and lead by myself. The main event on New Year’s Eve was incredible, a formal meal which pleased everyone and a party which didn’t seem to end. Evening productions on camp didn’t fail to impress with a set of productions better than any other camp I’ve been on. I’d like to thank the entire Winter Camp team for putting on such a memorable camp”.

JLGB would like to thank all of the volunteers for their exceptional work in organising and delivering such a successful camp, without their dedication the camp would not be possible. Winter Camp Director Ben Wayland reflected on the week by “Thanking every volunteer who helped and took part in camp! Whilst I’ve led camp, the vision, dreams and objectives Dean and I wanted couldn’t be achieved without the help of all those volunteers involved”.

JLGB are already planning this years’ ‘Wanderlust’ Summer Camp, which is due to take place 29 July – 5 August 2018 and is open to 11 – 16 year olds. Joined by young Jewish people across the globe, the camp will be an unparalleled adventure matching only Winter Camp for its thrill. To find out more information and to apply for Summer Camp go to www.jlgb.org/summer.

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