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JLGB’s Israel Tour 2018 has gained great interest, with many already signed up and anticipation is rising for a once in a lifetime opportunity. From incredible experiences and friendships, to leadership opportunities and seeing first hand technological innovation – JLGB Israel Tour 2018 has it all.

Here are just a few reasons why JLGB Israel Tour is the best out there:

•          Great experiences – Have the time of your life while floating in the Dead Sea, abseiling down the Rimon Crater and water rafting down the River Jordan. Our unique journey from the past into the future ensures that nothing will be left out.

•          Friends to last a lifetime – Tour allows you to form a unique family bond with the people around you, ensuring you create incredible friendships with people from all over the UK.

•          Experience technology – On Tour you will get the opportunity to understand how Israel, leads the way in technological innovation through visits to top companies such as Google, Microsoft and high tech start-ups.

•          Enhance your identity – Go on a personal journey by exploring the multiple identities and cultures found throughout Israel. Create an individual pathway as part of an amazing team, ensuring that the Tour experience stays with you forever.

•          Leadership skills – JLGB has been empowering young people to become today’s leaders for over 120 years. Discover the great names of modern and biblical Israel and become the leader you deserve to be.

•          Superb role models – We are proud to have a team of experienced and highly trained British and Israeli Tour Leaders who will work together to show you every part of this beautiful and diverse country from unique perspectives.

•          An awesome atmosphere – It is imperative to us that everyone feels safe, welcomed and comfortable on Tour. We care about everyone’s journey on this rite of passage and tailor our programme for individual needs.

•          Meet Israelis your own age – You will spend time getting to know Israelis of your own age across the country and will get to experience life as a young Israeli.

Harry Finestone, a previous tour participant said:

“Tour has been by far the best experience of my life! It has made me realise who I am and why I am me and I have made loads of lifelong friends.”

Escape into the first phase and dive into the adventure of a lifetime… Bond together as a team while floating in the Dead Sea, abseiling down the Ramon Crater, water rafting down the River Jordan, riding camels with Bedouins, banana boating down the Kinneret Lake and hiking to see the iconic sunrise atop Mount Masada!

Discover in phase two, immersing yourself in Israeli culture… See the Holy Land through the eyes of an Israeli teenager. As well as discovering the different faiths and cultures that make up this unique country, and learning new skills as you marvel at Israel’s technological innovation.

Zach Igielman, who went on JLGB tour said:

 “My favorite memory, due to my particular passion for technology, was in Tel Aviv, where we visited one of Google’s amazing campuses and participated in a start-up challenge. Both of these experiences developed my interest in living and working in Israel, made us closer as a group and gave me skills for the future. This visit also gave me more of an idea of what I can achieve in the future and motivated me to continue my business venture.”

Finally, in the third phase learn about yourself while helping others. Through social action, make a real difference to society by volunteering to help the elderly and some of the most underprivileged children in the country.

Francesca Goga said:

“Going on tour with JLGB was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had an absolutely incredible and enlightening experience that will forever be with me. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow and appreciate the history and the future of the country, not to mention making your own memories there and the lifelong friendships.”

Applications for Israel Tour 2018 are open. Apply now at jlgb.org/Israel or call 020 8989 8990. JLGB Israel Tour 2018 runs from the 3rd- 25th July with an orientation on the 1st to the 3rd of the same month.

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