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 Making Dofe Accessible To All Through JLGB's Adapted Expeditions 

To mark Learning Disability Week we wanted to do a spotlight on JLGB’s adapted Kosher Duke of Edinburgh’s Provision.

JLGB were delighted to have a group of students from Langdon College undertake their Silver DofE expedition recently. At the heart of Langdon’s work is a strong desire to enable Jewish people with learning disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. JLGB's adapted cycle expeditions guarantee that their students are able to do just that.

JLGB’s provision is both inclusive and empowering and ensures that physical and learning disabilities are no barrier to young people accessing the many benefits of taking part in DofE.

This was the first time a Langdon Silver DofE expedition has taken place using adapted bikes and on an adapted National Cycle Trail in the Peak District. In addition, as with all of JLGB’s DofE expeditions it was faith and culturally sensitive, using kosher cooking equipment and utensils and not running on a Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath), so that as well as being fully accessible irrespective of physical or learning disabilities, an individual’s religious or cultural beliefs are never compromised.

Thanks to support from the Pears Foundation, the Sobell Foundation and Rachel Charitable Trust, JLGB has been able to begin removing these barriers by working with a number of partners including Langdon College and Kisharon Day School. JLGB has facilitated and supervised adapted Kosher DofE expeditions on foot, by canoe, on horseback and now on adapted bikes with an increasing number of students taking part.

 Neil Martin OBE, Chief Executive of JLGB, said:

“At JLGB, every child really does matter and we have worked tirelessly to ensure not only that faith practice is not a barrier to participation to any of JLGB’s activities, including DofE but that those with individual needs can also fully and actively participate. We are immensely proud of our adapted DofE expeditions in partnership with both Langdon and Kisharon, where together we are enabling young people within the Jewish community with physical and learning disabilities to take part in the world's leading achievement award for young people."

Christopher Mayho, Principal of Langdon College, said:

“Over 60 of our students (all of whom have some form of learning difficulty or disability) have had their lives transformed by taking an active part in and completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award with JLGB. The significance and level of individual personal development achieved by the students taking part in either the Bronze or Silver Award is simply amazing. Working with the JLGB's professional staff together they helped us complete specially adapted Expeditions to ensure that all our students are enabled and empowered. A truly wonderful result."

Dr Beverley Jacobson, Chief Executive of Kisharon, said:

“The commitment JLGB has shown in making the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme accessible to youngsters with learning disabilities has been nothing short of outstanding as have the outcomes for the young people who participated.  Youngsters from Kisharon Day School completed their Bronze and Silver DofE and the terrific growth in their confidence and self-esteem can be directly attributed to their participation. Thank you JLGB!”

The DofE is the world’s leading youth achievement award, giving millions of 14 to 24-year-olds the opportunity to be the very best they can be. JLGB is the national provider of Kosher DofE and has been since the Award’s inception 60 years ago and we are especially proud of our adapted expeditions and training. By meeting the diverse needs of young people with physical and learning difficulties JLGB has enabled these individuals to join over 4000 young people who have taken part in their Kosher DofE with JLGB in the last 5 years.

For more information on how you can take part in DofE with JLGB please visit www.jlgb.org/dofe or call 0208 530 8220.




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