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A Shining End to the Year at JLGB Winter Camp

For over 200 JLGB members, Chanukah this year was more than just doughnuts and candles. Flashing neon lights and a smoky aurora launched a space Invasion; a mad woosh of balls fireflying across the dodgeball court competing for the ‘fireball cup’ and an instant later the Agatha Christie styled murder mystery had members questioning the butler with laser precision. These were just a few of the electrifying activities on JLGB’s ‘SHINE’ themed winter camp last month. A supernova of fun, excitement and shine related puns as members from across the country turned a single Chanukah flame into an inferno of light.

Reuniting friends from across the country, the weeklong soiree boasted a series of dazzling activities that challenged young people to add to the Chanukah sparkle by discovering their personal glow and reaching their potential. The theme ‘SHINE’ was chosen, not only because the camp coincided with Chanukah, but also to promote JLGB’s core value of encouraging Jewish young people to bring light into the world, in a fun and engaging way. With this in mind, the activities centred on teambuilding tasks showing that everyone is capable of spreading shine or sparking new skills such as photography and baking during ‘skills clubs’. Taking a trip round the globe, the use of shine in other cultures was explored by Spanish candle making and professionally taught Bollywood dance and African drumming.

Expressing her thoughts on the shine theme, senior young leader Georgia Blumenthal said “shine was such an appropriate theme, as well as being related to Chanukah, to shine is what JLGB has taught me and shaped me to do in every aspect of my life. ”Describing her continued involvement with JLGB Georgia explains “Being a member of JLGB has made me who I am today. JLGB camp is so different from anything else you will do, you sing you dance and embrace life, friends and Judaism.”

Chanukah was integral in creating the camp theme as camp organiser and volunteer Debz Roos explains “JLGB is about being part of a family and with Chanukah being such a lovely family time it was really important that we ensured it played a big part in the theme”. As a result the activities were accompanied by nightly candle lighting followed by Israeli music run by the Israeli emissaries, the ‘Shinshinim’. Traditional Chanukah treats were served such as latkes and doughnuts, including some with less traditional fillings, vanilla being a surprising favourite.

The camp culminated in the prestigious Golden Glows Award ceremony that recognised outstanding individuals and groups for achieving their best. This provided the fuel for igniting the electric New Year’s Eve party. Entering 2017 in a blaze of Music, dancing, candyfloss and photboothing with friends as the countdown clicked 0 and the action packed camp came to a close.

JLGB would like to thank all the volunteers for their exceptional work in organising and delivering camp, without their dedication the camp would not be possible. Debz described her team as “an amazing bunch of talented young people who worked tirelessly to ensure our initial idea came together. I was truly blown away by just what the team achieved and can only say yet again THANK YOU for making me so proud.”

JLGB are already planning this years’ summer camp due to take place 30th July – 6th August. Joined by young Jewish people across the globe the camp is bound to be an unparalleled adventure matching only winter camp for its thrill. To apply to summer camp go to www.jlgb.org/apply

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