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President Lord Levy and Patrons Pledge
to Secure Vital
Youth Services

Thanks to our President The Lord Levy, the JLGB was honoured once again by the Speaker of the House, John Bercow MP with a special celebration dinner at the State Rooms at Speaker's House, the Palace of Westminster. The evening saw a remarkable speech given by 19 year old Lily Ross, who spoke about how JLGB has impacted on her life, developed her confidence and helped her to make good choices for her future.

JLGB President, The Lord Levy said: JLGB is truly our community's Cinderella organisation, quietly getting on with the job of supporting tens of thousands of youngsters for over 120 years.” 

Today's Jewish young people have the energy and enthusiasm to shape and change their world in innovative and exciting ways that simply weren't possible in previous generations. Thanks to the support of our Patrons, the JLGB are now able to make vital in-roads into the grass roots of the community, helping to create new models for sustainable and targeted positive youth provision for all.

JLGB Young Leader, Lily Ross said: “Reflecting on the opportunities, skills and values that JLGB has given me; quite frankly it has changed my life. JLGB has not only provided me with opportunities and skills in volunteering, teamwork, communication, creativity, organisation, confidence and leadership, but has given me friends, and a community, the JLGB family, where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs… it wasn't until I sat down and wrote this speech that I realised the true extent that JLGB has shaped my youth.”

The Speaker John Bercow said: “JLGB is a magnificent cause, without which this wonderful array of character building and life-enhancing activities would not be able to take place. Thanks to the support of its Patrons, JLGB can hold up as examples young Jewish people who have been part of those activities and who will speak eloquently and movingly of their experiences.”

Lily Ross, went on to say: “As I am beginning my journey as a JLGB adult leader, I feel incredibly motivated to dedicate as much into JLGB as my leaders did for me, so that future generations can be involved in this warming and special community and gain from it in the same way as I have. Thank you to our Patrons for your support, I am proud to be a testament of your kindness and generosity and on behalf of myself and the thousands of young people who benefit from JLGB each and every year, thank you.”

JLGB is privileged to have many Patrons, to find out who they are and how you can become one too, visit www.jlgb.org/patrons

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