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JLGB Leeds Juniors Boosted By 7 Student Volunteers

We are thrilled to have 7 wonderful volunteers, including 3 new students, supporting our young members at Leeds Juniors each week. The A-Level students, young professionals and university students are all passionate about supporting Jewish children living in the city.

Each bring their individual skills and passions and help to organise a variety of fun activities each week. So far this term the 15-20 members have enjoyed a Harry Potter themed evening and a street dancing class.

Say hello to the new volunteers…

Mika Colombick
'I'm 18, I'm in Sixth Form doing A-Levels and I like to travel!'

Jacob Sapherson
'I'm 17, I study film and I love film and music!'

Spencer Bronson
'I'm 20, I study Criminology and I spent a year in Israel!'

Sophie Burlison
'I'm 18, I study photography and I'm a very artistic person!'

Adam Wine
'I'm 18, I study product design and I make stuff!'

Katy Diamond
'I'm 18, I study sociology and I LOVE chicken!'

Emma Bassham
'I'm 23, I'm a carer. I watch a lot of TV!'

Our groups around the country only succeed when we have a great team of volunteers, which is why we need you! There are JLGB local groups in all the Jewish communities across the UK, from Glasgow to Cardiff to London and we are now recruiting adult leaders, youth workers and administrators to play a vital role as coaches and mentors to our young members.

What you can do
When you volunteer as an adult leader for JLGB you’re doing more than giving your time. Whatever role you take, you’re doing something really positive to give the next generation the benefit of all your experience.

With the help of a team of some amazing local volunteers across the UK, you’ll be doing what you can to give young people confidence, determination and belief. You’ll be giving them the tools to grow their self-esteem so they’ll have the best possible chance to succeed in life.

Your commitment, of as little as a few hours a week, will make a big difference in your local community. We have groups in most parts of the UK and, with your help, we’re actively looking to open new groups where there is a need. There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of immense pride as you mentor and coach young people, becoming a role model to the future leaders of our community and of wider society. Think of it as paying forward: doing something to thank all those people that have helped you to get where you are today.

What you can gain
Volunteering as an adult leader for JLGB gives you back more than you’d expect. We’ll train you to use your own talents and skills, giving you some real responsibility. You’ll gain qualifications and transferable skills that you can use to further your own career, like management training, team motivation and communication techniques.

You’ll build a network of friends across all ages and professions, as well as having your own mentors and coaches to help you fulfil your own potential. You’ll receive rewards, awards and recognition, because we like to thank our volunteers for the commitment they make to us. You’ll have fun, attending social events with people like yourself, giving you a real sense of belonging while you’re making new friends for life.

But, most of all, you gain the knowledge that you’ve made a positive difference to young lives while shaping the future of our society, gaining the appreciation, gratitude and respect of the young people you’re helping, and the privilege of watching them grow into young adults.

Inspired by the students in Leeds? Why not join the team and have fun while helping to shape the future of Jewish youth. Click here to register your interest.

For more information on volunteering with JLGB please visit www.jlgb.org/doyourbit

JLGB Leeds Juniors meet at 6.30pm on Monday at The Zone. To enquire please visit www.jlgb.org/leedsjuniors, call 0300 123 2363 or email getinvolved@jlgb.org

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