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Momentous Visit Inspires JLGB HQs Local MP Wes Streeting

Wes Streeting MP is the latest in a stream of public figures to commend JLGB, after welcoming him to their national headquarters to exhibit the incredible local and national achievements of the entire organisation.

Ilford North, Wes Streeting’s constituency, is a key area for JLGB, with it being home to their headquarters – from where they provide support to over 4000 Jewish young people each year across 30 communities in England, Scotland and Wales. The area also homes plenty of active members, forming one of JLGB’s largest local groups, Redbridge Band who, like other groups, have benefitted greatly with an increase of members and new local volunteers brought by JLGB’s collaboration and grant from Youth United.

In anticipation of meeting Neil Martin OBE, JLGB Chief Executive, Wes took the opportunity to tour the building and speak with each of the professional staff on the ground. He took the time to visit each department and discover every individual’s pivotal role in making JLGB the multi-award-winning organisation it is today, including two National Charity Awards for the only faith friendly and interfaith version of National Citizen Service (NCS) that is fully accessible to young people of faith and cultural backgrounds.

Wes took much interest in the JLGB-powered Kosher Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which JLGB directly deliver to all Jewish Secondary Schools, including Kantor King Solomon School, a top school within his constituency. Since the DofE began 60 years ago, JLGB is the only Kosher and Shabbat friendly Duke of Edinburgh’s Award provision, including for expeditions and training, which now reaches over 51% of Jewish young people in school year 9.

In addition, Wes learnt of young constituents who have been volunteering for charities that have been brought into the area by JLGB via the evolve platform, which is JLGB’s response to the ever-changing needs of young Jewish volunteers. For the first time, evolve brings together all key stakeholders from across the community, including Ilford North, to ensure that social action becomes more accessible and more rewarding for Jewish young people than ever before.

Wes has committed to further involvement with JLGB, moving forward, as he will attend Redbridge Band on a planned visit, where he will hear them play, learn more about JLGB on a local group level and take an interest in meeting his young constituents, learning of the positive social action they are leading in his area.

Since Wes’s visit to JLGB HQ and unknown to us he wrote a piece for the Jewish News, discussing the powerful role JLGB can play in helping the young digital natives of today, become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

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