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JLGB Play Major Role In #iwillWeek 2016

JLGB were delighted that the start of #iwillWeek began with our very own youth leader, Shera Conway, being announced as an #iwill Ambassador for 2017, one of only 50 young people chosen from hundreds of applicants from across the UK youth sector.

The #iwill campaign is all about empowering youth social action and during #iwillWeek our CEO, Neil Martin OBE, featured in their new campaign animation alongside other role models from across all walks of society, who have also shown their dedication to youth social action.

The #iwill campaign is aiming to make social action part of life for all 10-20 year olds in the UK and Neil’s pledge reflects his commitment to that;

“I will empower young people from different faiths to take practical action in the service of others”

Shera has made the pledge to “gain more responsibility as a youth leader, with social action at the forefront of my mind, and encourage other young people to get involved.”

Speaking about the social action that she undertakes as part of her role in JLGB Shera said:

“My older brother volunteered with the JLGB, and I could see how positive the experience was for him. Six years ago now, I decided to follow his lead, and I haven’t looked back since then! I enjoy my work so much that I volunteer at two groups a week, rather than the usual one.

Being a volunteer youth leader has made me into a stronger person, which means that when others don’t feel so strong they can come to me and I can guide them.”

Click here to watch the #iwill campaign video and see which other members of community have pledged to make a difference.

Like hundreds of organisations and business that have made an #iwill pledge, JLGB are truly putting youth social action at the forefront of the Jewish community with the bold, impactful and ambitious pledge:

The JLGB will step up and help all young people to have every opportunity to serve others by launching eVOLve: a collaborative Jewish community initiative for youth volunteering, social action and accreditation, through which we will create a step-change in the impact young people make in society by:

1. Streamlining volunteering services, awards and qualifications through the creation of a faith sensitive online volunteering profile and matching system

2. Supporting charities to be more youth-friendly, developing with them age-appropriate and progressive opportunities for social action

3. Actively increasing youth participation in volunteering, accreditation and youth-led social action

4. Helping schools to prioritise social action and volunteering, by supporting teachers with practical resources and management tools

5. Encouraging more adult volunteer leaders to step up and help train, coach and mentor young people and support their social action journey

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