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Fond Memories Shared By Hundreds Of Former JLGB Members At Spectacular Reunion

Hundreds of former JLGB members spanning 7 generations across the country arrived in London to attend a ‘Fond Memories’ reunion.

Just a few months ago, several JLGB alumni set up a ‘Fond Memories Facebook Group’, and within days over 1500 people had joined, sharing their photos, memories and memorabilia. Within days, plans for a reunion were put together by an enthusiastic committee, chaired by Michael Cohen, former JLGB  stalwart. Alumni came from all across England, Scotland, Wales and even Israel to be at the event in person while others from as far afield as America and Australia joined in the evening via video call.

What was common amongst everyone at the event was how much JLGB had transformed their lives, including even those who have not been involved for 50 or 60 years who credited JLGB for the people that they are today. The same was true for all generations at the event: thousands of friendships have been made, marriages have been celebrated and of course now there are children and grandchildren who are proud members of today’s JLGB.

A past member of south London JLGB groups, Paul Souber travelled form Wales to attend the reunion. 'It was the best event I've been to for a long time," he said. "So pleased to see so many familiar faces." Philippa Hyams from Redbridge said it had been lovely to catch up woth old friends "especially Julie and Julian Levene, who I haven't seen since 1986." Now living in Bedfordshire, Fiona Factor's JLGB experience spans Ilford, Woodford and Manchester. She had one complaint about the event - it should have been longer. "There were loads of people I didn't even get to say hello to."

Michael Cohen, Chair of the Fond Memories committee said:
“There was an electric buzz of excitement from the moment the first people walked in, to the very end of the evening that I can only attribute to the unique feeling that JLGB engenders; passion, family, love and affection for each other. On the night and throughout my time with JLGB there was an indescribable feeling of togetherness, passion and care. I would like to thank the small organising committee who worked hard over such a short period of time to make such a fantastic evening.”

Neil Martin OBE, JLGB Chief Executive said:
“We would like to say thank you to all of the former members of JLGB whose support helps keep today's organisation thriving, without the funding, support and benefit in kind that so many of our former members give the JLGB we wouldn’t be able to offer the fantastic programmes that we do for today’s generation.

Today’s JLGB is thriving and we are extremely proud of our history and heritage. We continue to work hard and focus on making sure that JLGB is relevant for tomorrow’s children as well as remembering the huge contribution JLGB and its members have made to Anglo-Jewry over the last 120 years.”

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