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JLGB Wins Prestigious Mitzvah Day 'Biggest Impact Award' 2016

Over 600 handmade cards welcoming Britain’s refugees have been created by young members at local JLGB groups up and down the UK, winning the organisation the accolade of Biggest Impact Award in 2016’s Mitzvah Day Awards.

Hundreds of Jewish young people at JLGB groups in Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, and across London, made welcome cards for unaccompanied refugee children as part of a national JLGB innovative programme designed especially for Mitzvah Day. The cards become the finishing touch of the welcome packs necessary to help refugee children arriving in the UK, distributed by The Separated Child Foundation.

Social action is at the heart of JLGB it’s leaders and members take part in social action projects at JLGB local groups on a weekly basis. The JLGB are delighted that this award is a recognition of the time, passion and hard work that the volunteer leaders put in on a weekly basis to provide positive activities for Jewish Youth and see the award as a reflection of the impressive collective impact that JLGB is having within the community.

Laura Marks OBE, Founder of Mitzvah Day said "Mitzvah Day is about bringing people together and helping others, which is exactly what we saw JLGB members doing all over the country. The refugee crisis resonates with our Jewish community, and especially JLGB which was founded by Jewish refugees, so to see 500 young Jews making welcome cards for today's refugees was very special. So special in fact, that JLGB's project won the Mitzvah Day Biggest Impact Award - a richly deserved honour."

Joshua Diamond, JLGB's Programme Coordinator said "This project is especially poignant for our members because JLGB was created over 120 years ago to support young Jewish refugees in the UK.  JLGB has always been about removing barriers, originally helping Jewish refugees by teaching English and skills as well as providing food and clothing - now it's our duty and responsibility to do the same and help others."

Gia Nathan, JLGB’s Director of Strategic Partnerships said: “Social action is at the heart of JLGB, where young people get involved in volunteering all year round. Mitzvah Day provides a focal point for the year when thousands of young people make a collective impact, by doing good deeds to help others whilst developing their own skills, gaining experience and growing in character.”

Neil Martin OBE, JLGB Chief Executive said: "This is true national impact through local action only made possible by our passionate volunteer leaders and amazing young members at our local groups across the UK. To us, this award is recognition of the time, passion and hard work that our leaders put in on a weekly basis throughout the year to provide positive activities for Jewish Youth to empower them, give back and have a major impact in our Jewish community and across wider society."

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