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Jewish Interactive together with eVOLve, JLGB’s youth volunteering initiative launched their first cohort of Digital Champions on Sunday 1st March

10 tech savvy teenagers with aspirations to work in the tech arena have volunteered to run digital social action projects in partnership with Jewish Interactive. In return they will receive monthly training from experts in the tech world such as Disney animators, Googlers and app developers. Through evolve, Digital Champions will be able to keep track of their social action projects online, working towards their vInspired award, a nationally recognised, UCAS endorsed award for 10, 50 or 100 hours of volunteering. The JLGB has created and facilitates a faith-friendly version of this award for the Jewish Community, for young people aged 16-18.  There are currently over 600 Jewish sixth formers registered for their vInspired Award through evolve. For more information or to register for this award www.jlgb.org/vinspired

The champions will be initiating a range of projects including helping the elderly with technology, teaching e-safety tips and coding to younger children, making videos for charities and creating digital products for Jewish learning.

Daniel Hardoon from Immanuel College was eager to get started "I am really keen to use my skills to help others. Technology is the future. This is really needed and I am excited about this opportunity to make a difference."

Sharon Alkalay from JCoSS is going to be using her video making skills to help charities with their campaigns. 

JI 's Director, Chana Kanzen is optimistic about the new initiative - "The young people and their parents today have made it clear to me that this project is a necessary one. They are simply craving for input in this area, with the need to develop skills and utilise them for good. I am really interested to see how our Digital Champions impact our community whilst considerably helping themselves and their future job prospects."

Neil Martin, JLGB's Chief Executive, proud partners in this project said: Good Youth Social Action uses the double benefit principle: teaching young people valuable skills so that they can create real impact in their communities through their enhanced volunteering. Skilling up our youngsters to become digital champions is not only valuable it's vitally essential and the difference it could make for so many charities and their beneficiaries is astronomical!" 

To find out more about this project please contact Jewish Interactive on admin.uk@jewishinteractive.net

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