Develop Your Leadership Skills

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At the end of October JLGB held the first of two Open College Network (OCN) accredited, National Leadership Training Weekends. Over 70 young leaders from all over the country came together and took part in informative and fun sessions to develop their leadership, mentoring and presentation skills.

Young people from Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and London took part in sessions on what makes a good leader, leadership styles, leading by example, planning activity sessions, building positive relationships, communication, motivation and situation management amongst many other skills needed for leadership.

This weekend, along with the development of a National Framework of Accredited Training (see, is helping JLGB also accredit the leadership programmes for Maccabi/Streetwise GB, Habonim Dror and FZY thanks to the fantastic support and funding from the Children’s Aid Committee (CAC) and the Jewish Youth Fund.

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