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Come And Play


After months of preparation and running musical workshops in all the Jewish schools in Hertfordshire, the new JLGB Hertsmere Band opened last Wednesday in partnership with Yavneh College.  

The Band opened with 18 excited new members and numbers are expected to rise to over 30 the weeks to follow.  Everyone had a fantastic time, making new friends, showing off their musical skills or deciding which instrument they would like to learn.  

The JLGB is the only Jewish organisation that offers young people the chance to learn to play musical instruments and music skills at entry level.  At the JLGB we have always believed that providing instruments and professional tuition for 10-18 year olds at our local bands is a great way to unleash the potential of Jewish youth.  Music also gives young people self confidence and transferable skills which can be taken anywhere in the world. 

The new JLGB Hertsmere Band musicians, and any other young Jewish people across the UK who play brass, woodwind or percussion instruments, are also invited to attend the JLGB Band Camp which takes place from 12th to 15th February 2010.  

The opening of this new band is part of the JLGB’s continuing commitment to providing positive youth work in all Jewish communities.  This year, JLGB celebrates its 115th Anniversary so now is a fantastic time for everyone to get involved with JLGB.

JLGB Hertsmere Band meet on Wednesday evening from 7.15pm at Yavneh College.

For more information, Telephone  020 8989 8990 or email getinvolved@jlgb.org
Visit the JLGB website at www.jlgb.org

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