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DofE in the North

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This week, JLGB announced the start of several local community Duke of Edinburgh’s Award groups in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.  This is part of an expansion of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) activities across the UK funded by The Pears Foundation.

Over 450 young Jewish people have already registered to do their DofE this season and it is hoped that young Jewish people enrolled will hit a record high of 600 participants this year.

Over 60 students at King David in Manchester have already signed up for their DofE, however, for young Jewish people not in Jewish education, our Open Community Award group is especially set up for them.  In partnership with Whitefield Jewish Youth Centre in Manchester, The Zone in Leeds and UJIA in Glasgow, the JLGB have already enrolled several young people to start their DofE training in April through this special initiative.

The DofE Northern Coordinator, Steven Weller, said:  “Response from the community has been amazing and is a true sign of how we can all work together for the benefit and self development of young Jewish people.  If anyone is affiliated to another youth movement, their volunteering or skills can count towards their DofE - so anyone can sign up today!”

JLGB has been the national provider for the DofE as the only Jewish Operating Authority since 1956 and offers Shabbat and kashrut friendly expeditions and training to all young Jewish people.  JLGB also run single gender expeditions for orthodox participants from Yavneh Boys and Girls schools and also Manchester Mesivta.

JLGB also believe that every child really does matter and they should be able to gain their DofE regardless of any physical or learning disability.  The JLGB is proud of its partnership with Langdon College who have enrolled many of the students in specially adapted programmes.

Enrolling for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards is easy and participants can sign up online at www.jlgb.org/dofe.  The award is for young people aged 14 - 25 years.  Once signed up they will receive an online profile which is simple and straightforward to complete and store their DofE progress.  Thanks to sponsorship from The Pears Foundation, those who do sign up through this initiative will do so at a subsidised price of £99 – which includes all training and use of expedition equipment.

For more information contact JLGB on 
0161 767 8890  or E-mail: getinvolved@jlgb.org
Web: www.jlgb.org/dofe

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