Cardiff JLGB Crowned National Inter-Group Competition Winners of JLGB's Competition

Cardiff JLGB have been crowned the winners of JLGB's annual National Inter-Group Competition, taking home the highly prized Ancil Trophy. Following their win at the provincial Inter-Group Walton competition, Cardiff JLGB went up against Redbridge JLGB, winners of the London Inter-Group Banner competition, and narrowly clinched victory in a points tally.

The Walton competition win for Cardiff JLGB was extra special as it was the ninth year in a row that the weekly group have been victorious. Hosts Liverpool JLGB took the runner up position.

Held at King David High School in Liverpool, the competition saw people in attendance from JLGB groups from Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham. The day was fun packed with teams pitting their wits against each other in sports, quizzes, code breaking team challenges as well as the JLGB core skills competitions. Weekly groups spend the weeks in advance of the competition preparing and the day is a great opportunity for everyone to see their friends from across JLGB’s provincial local groups.

Young and adult volunteers from across the country work together throughout the year to organise the Walton and Banner competitions for young people to compete to be crowned the best JLGB group.

Mike Salamon Cardiff JLGB Group Leader said: “I am really proud of everyone involved in Cardiff JLGB for winning the Walton competition for the ninth year running, especially our new members, for whom it was their first competition. The event is always a great opportunity for all involved to meet with old friends and make new ones and coming away with the trophy is the icing on the cake!.”

Dan Schwartz Cardiff JLGB Young Leader said: "I really enjoy the chance to compete against other JLGB groups where we all have many friends. I am really proud of everyone and so pleased to be part of an amazing group and organisation which has given me the opportunity to meet new friends"

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