First Winners of JLGB’s Volunteer of The Term Initiative

A new year always welcomes fresh ideas and 2017 brings with it an exciting new initiative to recognise the fantastic work of JLGB’s volunteer team.

JLGB’s volunteers come from every corner of the UK, from different walks of life and backgrounds. Today they are part of a team of more than 300 people, thanks to JLGB’s Do Your Bit campaign. That is an impressive number and destined to get even bigger!

To celebrate the efforts of JLGB’s volunteers, a new initiative called Volunteer of the Term has launched that aims to praise and reward their amazing ensemble of hard working individuals. The recipients of the awards for the September – December 2016 term, as voted for by our volunteers are:

* Daniel Feller in first place!

‘Daniel attended and supported Bushey Juniors and Seniors, Borehamwood Juniors and Seniors and other groups. He contributed greatly to the running of the evenings and on many occasions helping out at groups twice a week. His enthusiasm was immense, creating a great atmosphere amongst fellow staff and participants.’

* In second place is Rebecca Stonefield!

‘Rebecca is a recent returnee to Cheadle and made a vital contribution to the planning and running of the programme. Her vision and ideas as well as support to the team were greatly appreciated by the staff and a great example of how returning staff can successfully get back involved.’

* Third place goes to Tara Finestone!

‘Tara volunteers weekly at our largest Junior group, Borehamwood Juniors, and is incredibly proactive and also helps at Senior if required. She coordinates a high quality weekly programme and has been at the forefront of the progress of the group.’

* Winning the Young Leader category is Devon Shoob!

‘Devon played a significant role at Bushey Seniors and also in her role as Hertfordshire Regional Youth Representative as well as at winter camp. She consistently comes up with new ideas and gives enthusiasm and passion to new challenges. She will lead the Hertfordshire regional event in 2017.’

Huge congratulations to our winners and to every one of JLGB’s volunteers who consistently give up their time to run camps and weekly groups with their enthusiasm, passion and ideas.

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